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Professional customization according to customer demand

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There are thousands of products in the plastic products industry, it is obviously impossible to rely on one high-frequency equipment to deal with the production of all products. Therefore, an excellent high-frequency equipment enterprise should have a professional technical team to quickly design a set of ideal solutions to the special needs of customers and tailor the most suitable equipment for customers. And on-demand customization is one of the biggest advantages of lianxing high frequency standing in the high frequency machine industry for 30 years. Relying on mature technology and in-depth understanding of the industry, lianxing high frequency has created numerous professional special types of machines for customers. This is not a new high frequency machine for the customer's oil pipeline thermal bonding.

High Quality plastic welding machine

In view of the customer reflect its location before the machines are inaccurate, slow efficiency, the problem of low yield, luen hing high frequency to design a set of professional mold, after debugging unceasingly, the mold completely accurate positioning, yield is greatly increased, five times more efficiency than the original, so that customers can't believe, after we see the video immediately drove to the factory test, after witnessing its efficiency, the customer will believe and reveal the joyful smiling face, was immediately with lian xing high-frequency sign orders.


Here we once again tell the general customers, if you are not satisfied with the effect of the current use of the machine, you can contact our company at any time, our professional and technical personnel will be tailored for you to design the most suitable scheme, to create the most satisfactory equipment, you are welcome to inquire.

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